Nuclearn AutoCAP Screener

75% of your condition reports screened totally automatically.

With Nuclearn AutoCAP Screener, spend less time and effort screening condition reports and achieve human-level accuracy.

Key Features

Exceptional Accuracy

Generative AI and Nuclear specific language models deliver unprecedented performance.


Adaptable to make all the decisions your screening team makes.

Automate with Ease

Start at an accuracy rate at your comfort level and easily scale to human-level accuracy.


Built-in quality control and feedback that provides a complete audit trail.

Adaptable to make all the decisions your screening team makes.

Streamline your CAP process with automation configuration, audit tracking, KPI monitoring, and iterative quality control tuning.

Customer Reactions

3x gains

Performance Improvement Manager, U.S. Nuclear Site

“Nuclearn has made our maintenance issue screening 300% more productive”







Is the NuclearN Platform export compliant?

Yes, all NuclearN products have always complied with 10 CFR Part 810.

Do NuclearN products have reporting functionality?

Yes, NuclearN has reporting functionality. For certain use cases, NuclearN can generate reports based on your data in MS Word or PDF formats. For all other use cases, NuclearN seamlessly connects to PowerBI for full reporting capabilities.

Can all NuclearN products be deployed on a cloud service or on premises?

All NuclearN software can be run either on premises, on customer private cloud, or hosted by NuclearN on our Government Cloud (GovCloud) environment.

Do NuclearN products integrate with PowerBI?

Yes, NuclearN seamlessly integrates with PowerBI. You can connect to PowerBI with the NuclearN Platform data APIs. This ensures you can always get your data out of NuclearN and report on that data in virtually unlimited ways via PowerBI.