Feb 07, 2021 • By Nuclearn Founders

Today, we are proud to announce Nuclearn Inc, a company founded to help the nuclear power industry harness the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.



Nuclearn is a machine learning platform that is ready right out-of-the-box with products needed to automate tasks and challenges commonly faced by nuclear power plants. The majority of these products utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence software that is pre-trained and ready for immediate use, specifically for the nuclear power industry.

Why is this important?

A nuclear power plant’s core competency is safely and efficiently operating a nuclear reactor – it isn’t developing software or training machine learning models. However, the nuclear power industry stands to benefit enormously from deploying machine learning to automate routine business tasks. Most industry participants perform tasks very unique to nuclear power, but very common from plant to plant. Many of these tasks are able to be automated with software employing machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. Once such a task has been automated, the solution is almost always generally applicable to all industry participants.

Nuclearn Inc was started to develop and deploy such solutions.

One unified platform.

Nuclearn organizes all the software necessities for automation into one comprehensive platform. From the platform, you can access product categories that automate certain areas of your business like the Corrective Action Program or Regulatory Compliance, perform training and deployment of individual task automation models, or deploy Nuclearn’s solutions into your business immediately using our easy to use pre-built Excel spreadsheets or do a systems-level integration with REST APIs.

You choose, On-Prem or in the Cloud.

The Nuclearn team has first-hand experience complying with the challenges of nuclear export regulations and sometimes it is just plain easier to keep everything on-premise. This is why the Nuclearn platform was designed to be a true hybrid – equally as powerful and easy to use whether deployed on-premise or used in the cloud. The same Nuclearn platform you see at nuclearn.ai can be easily deployed on a single machine in your on-premise datacenter.

Nuclearn speaks Nuclear.

Nuclearn’s models and techniques aren’t just state-of-the-art, they are custom-tailored for the nuclear domain. This means that Nuclearn has adopted the best-available techniques from the largest technology companies and implemented the latest research from the highest caliber academic institutions and primed them with nuclear specific data. So when you tell a Nuclearn predictive model “Declared feed injection pump B inop after trip on lowflow to SG2, entered LCO 5.4.5”, Nuclearn’s models know what you are talking about.

Nuclearn knows Nuclear.

Nuclearn’s Founders were born in technology and raised in the nuclear power industry and have faced the challenges that come with working in a ‘special and unique’ industry. Nuclearn founder Jerrold Vincent started his career as a Nuclear Data Analyst overseeing nuclear analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence. Nuclearn founder Bradley Fox started his career as a Nuclear Engineer overseeing the Inservice Testing Program. Together Jerrold and Brad started and grew the largest US nuclear plant’s data science and machine learning competency, culminating in the receipt of the Nuclear Energy Institute’s 2020 Best of the Best Technology Innovative Practice award for Process Automation using Machine Learning. That same skill and knowledge now help Nuclearn solve problems for the entire nuclear power industry.

We are pleased to introduce Nuclearn and look forward to serving the Nuclear Industry for years to come.

Bradley Fox & Jerrold Vincent