Nuclearn Platform v1.4.0 is by far our biggest release yet! This release brings a lot of functionality we have been excited about for a long time to our customers. While the detailed release notes are quite extensive, there are 4 major enhancements that will interest most customers:

CAP Screening Automation & Workflow Automation General Availability

Nuclearn’s Workflow Automation features have been in preview since Q4 2021, and are core to enabling our CAP Screening Automation products. With Nuclearn v1.4.0, these features are now generally available for our customers using our CAP Screening Automation module! This release exposed the capabilities to build automation templates and configurations via the web interface, making it very easy to set up new CAP Screening Automations.

This release ties the Automation workflows much more closely in with our existing Dataset and Model functionality, making it even easier to deploy, maintain, monitor, and audit CAP Screening Automations. Additionally, the functionality added in this release makes it very easy to apply Nuclearn’s Workflow Automation to other processes beyond CAP Screening!

Improvements to Dataset and Dataset Analytics

v1.4.0 brings many new user experiences and stability enhancements to the Dataset and Dataset Analytics feature added in 1.3. These include a far more intuitive user interface, progress bars for monitoring the status of long-running scoring jobs, more flexible analytic options, and numerous bug fixes. These enhancements should make using Datasets for INPO Evaluation Readiness Assessments or Continuous Monitoring even easier!

Datasets UI Updates

Kubernetes Support

With the release of v1.4.0, Nuclearn is now supported on Kubernetes. As many enterprises move their containerized applications to Kubernetes, this is an important addition to the platform. Nuclearn Platform releases now included a Helm Chart for the entire platform and detailed instructions for configuring Nuclearn for Kubernetes. We have found that our deployments are actually easier to configure and install on Kubernetes, in addition to the horizontal scalability and fault tolerance a deployment on Kubernetes provides.

Azure AD Authentication Support

In addition to Active Directory authentication via LDAPS and native application authentication, Nuclearn v1.4.0 includes top-level support for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication. Customers leveraging Azure AD authentication within Nuclearn are able to SSO into the Nuclearn platform, and easily configure group permissions with Azure AD.

Beyond the most notable items already listed, there are even more miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes. Additional details can be found in the detailed release notes below.

Nuclearn Platform Release Detailed Notes



Updated Web Frontend To v1.2

Update Model Engine to v1.3

Update Application Object Storage to v1.1