May 16, 2023 • By Bradley Fox

This is a short informational blog that indexes videos explaining Nuclearn’s CAP Automation system.

Navigating to the AutoFlow Screen:

The AutoFlow screen is where the entire CAP Pipeline is configured and visually displayed. It consists of individual decision points in green blocks.

Navigating the Individual Decision Blocks:

The individual decision blocks are where the decision automations are controlled. Set thresholds and enable or disable automations at a per decision level for the overall decision block.

Navigating the Record Audit Page:

This video shows how to get from the AutoFlow to the audit page.

Explaining the Audit Table:

The record audit page contains a historical record of every issue/CR that has been processed by Nuclearn. All of the information that was available at prediction time is displayed in this table, as well as all of the decisions made by Nuclearn about this record.

Navigating the Screening Decision KPIs:

KPIs are displayed for several different metrics that Nuclearn measures from the overall system. Includes items like automation efficiency, accuracy, records processed, etc…

Quickly get to to the Audit Table:

This video simply shows how to quickly get from the homepage to the audit screen of interest.