Cap AI: Advanced Solutions for Nuclear Facility Management

Cutting-edge AI Enhancing Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability

In the nuclear industry, managing Condition Adverse to Quality (CAQ) and non-CAQ items effectively is critical. CapAI automates 80% of your condition reports to unprecedented levels of efficiency and precision based on comprehensive customer research*.


Scoring in Hours, Not Weeks

Generative AI and nuclear-specific language models complete issue scoring and prioritization swiftly.


Ensure regulatory compliance with a comprehensive audit trail for transparency and accountability. Supports Problem Identification & Resolution (PI&R).

Easy Automation

NuclearN CapAI simplifies automation for seamless integration into existing workflows with minimal disruption.

Accurate Trend Coding

AI pulls codes together for accurate and consistent trend coding, enhancing performance objectives and criteria standards.

Condition Reporting and Trending Dashboards

Immediately start trending and analyzing your CAP data using trend codes in one place.

Built-in Quality Control

Set manual sample rates to ensure system accuracy and reliability.

Trend Coding

See how CapAI can help you identify potential AFIs and strengths before your next evaluation. Visually analyze trend codes and identify potential troublesome areas using a color-coded "heat map."


3x gains

Performance Improvement Manager, U.S. Nuclear Site

"NuclearN CapAI automated over 80% of our corrective actions, making our maintenance issue screening 300% more productive."







Is the NuclearN Platform export compliant?

Yes, all NuclearN products have always complied with 10 CFR Part 810.

Do NuclearN products have reporting functionality?

Yes, NuclearN has reporting functionality. For certain use cases, NuclearN can generate reports based on your data in MS Word or PDF formats. For all other use cases, NuclearN seamlessly connects to PowerBI for full reporting capabilities.

Where can the NuclearN platform be deployed -- on a cloud service or on premises?

NuclearN can be deployed on-premise, on a customer's private cloud, or in Azure Government Cloud. There is no difference in platform functionality among the deployment environments. The Nuclear industry uses Azure Government Cloud for cloud deployments, which is FED-RAMP high and DOE 810 compliant and is where many Nuclear Utilities choose to host their cloud-deployed software applications.

Do NuclearN products integrate with PowerBI to enable data trend analysis?

Yes, NuclearN products offer seamless integration with PowerBI. By leveraging the NuclearN Platform's data APIs, you can easily export your data directly into PowerBI as a web data source. This integration allows for comprehensive data analysis, enabling unlimited reporting capabilities, trend analysis, charting, and more within PowerBI.

Can NuclearN products interface directly with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software?

Yes, the NuclearN platform exposes common REST APIs for all operations, which means it can integrate into a variety of EAM systems. We have performed integrations into Maximo, SAP, and Oracle EAM systems. We can handle the integration for you or work with an integration team on your side.