An artifically intelligent junior nuclear [engineer/operator/analyst].

AtomAssist is a chat interface that can do anything a junior employee might be able to do - find answers to questions, suggest issue resolution plans, formulate work procedures, suggest impacts and more.

Key Features

Generative AI

AtomAssist uses the latest in Generative AI techniques to be able to deliver Nuclear related information.

Hyper Intelligent

AtomAssist is powered by the Nuclearn LLM - a massive neural network trained on half a billion Nuclear documents.

Privacy & Security First

It's just AtomAssist and your data. AtomAssist runs on your hardware - no data is sent offsite or to a 3rd party. DOE Part 810 compliant.

Task Specific (but also general)

AtomAssist is trained to do some things as well as you, especially in the issue management area, but it also excels at generally intelligent tasks, such as reasoning, information extraction and question and answering.

Customer Reactions

Dynamic Answers

Licensing Manager at a Nuclear Utility

“AtomAssist is helping us identify any plant related impacts to our licensing basis. This is an intenstive document search that would normally take a trained Engineer many hours - now it's performed in an instant. This is real AI accelerating our people.”


nuclear training texts





Does Nuclearn AtomAssist connect to a public Generative AI model provider like ChatGPT or use a third-party provider like OpenAI?

AtomAssist does not connect or interact with any public AI model or service provider. In other words, it does not use any API provided by a third party. It is the world’s first private, nuclear-specific generative AI model. The current version is being developed and run at Nuclearn corporate headquarters. Customers can choose whether to use Nuclearn’s deployment, deploy on premises, or host on their private cloud.

Can AtomAssist be deployed in a local environment?

AtomAssist can be configured for both on premises servers or cloud-based systems, in both CPU and GPU-accelerated environments. AtomAssist can be configured for low-workload use cases on a CPU based system or scaled out on private GPU accelerated hardware for high workload use cases.

Can all Nuclearn products be deployed on a cloud service or on premises?

Like AtomAssist, all Nuclearn software can be run either on premises, on customer private cloud, or hosted by Nuclearn on Nuclearn’s Government Cloud (GovCloud) environment.

Do Nuclearn products have reporting functionality?

Yes, Nuclearn has reporting functionality. For certain use cases, Nuclearn can generate reports based on your data in MS Word or PDF formats. For all other use cases, Nuclearn seamlessly connects to PowerBI for full reporting capabilities.

Do Nuclearn products integrate with PowerBI?

Yes, Nuclearn seamlessly integrates with PowerBI. You can connect to PowerBI with the Nuclearn Platform data APIs. This ensures you can always get your data out of Nuclearn and report on that data in virtually unlimited ways via PowerBI.