Observation Program

Make Every Observation Count

Introducing the Nuclear Industry's Premier Artificial Intelligence (AI) Empowered Observation Tool. Seamlessly capture field observations using mobile devices. Our AI chatbot actively guides you through, ensuring vital details are captured swiftly, leading to enhanced trend records in minimal time.

Key Features

Improve Content

NuclearN OP’s AI chatbot prompts Observers to select detailed options of what they observed resulting in a more accurate account for trending

GenAI Insights

NuclearN’s advanced neural network provides often seen insights but not detailed by humans.

Informed Decision Making

By reducing delays and omissions in data, NuclearN OP keeps personnel focused on operational risks that truly matter, enabling informed decision making through real-time analytics.

Save Time

Minimizes reporting lag, maximizes insight quality, and allows teams to instantly act on risks through trends, coaching, and alerts.


Observations that aren't a chore

Director of Safety

"Previously, our safety observations often felt like a chore and intrusive. With NuclearN Observation AI Chatbot, that's completely changed. After completing observations, the AI chatbot simplifies everything by refining and verifying our data with the user, automating form-filling, and handling trend analysis. This accuracy and efficiency allow our team to focus on solving problems rather than just identifying them."