It’s been a while since we last posted about a release, so this update is going to cover two minor releases of Nuclearn! Nuclearn Platform v1.5 and v1.6 have been delivering value to our customers over the last 6 months, and we are excited to share some of the new features to the general public. While extensive detailed release notes can be found at the bottom of this post, we want to highlight three enhancements that delivered considerable functionality and greatly enhanced the customer experience. 

End to End Assessment Readiness

Nuclearn v1.6 gives customers the ability to automate the entire data analysis portion of preparing for an upcoming INPO, WANO or other audit assessment. Customers can now automatically tag each piece of Corrective Action Program data with Performance Objectives & Criteria, perform comprehensive visual analytics highlighting areas for improvement, and generate a comprehensive Assessment Readiness report including supporting data.

We’ve made significant enhancements to our Cluster Analytics Visualizations, including additional options for customization, improved readability, and additional functionality for search, filtering, and interactivity. Once a potential area of concern is discovered, customers can now save the set of selected labels and analytics parameters in a Bucket.

New Report functionality allows customers to generate their own reports within Nuclearn. With v1.6, customers can use the “Automated AFI Report Template” to select multiple Buckets from an Assessment Readiness analysis and automatically generate a comprehensive Assessment Readiness report. These reports are customizable, easily previewed in a browser and can even be downloaded as an editable Word document or pdf file.

Prediction Overrides

v1.6 now allows our customers to override model predictions.  Even the best machine learning models are sometimes wrong, and now users have the ability to view and override model predictions for any record. The overridden values can then be used for subsequent analysis and to improve and further fine-tune future models.

Enhancements to Automation and Audit

We’ve made various improvements to the Automation functionality within Nuclearn in v1.6, including a major UI update to the Audit pane. It is now much easier to see what records were automated or manually sampled, view incorrect predictions, and explore automation performance. We have also added the ability to “AutoFlow” a Dataset through an Automation Pipeline, allowing customers with non-integrated Nuclearn deployments to easily produce automation recommendations on uploaded CAP data.

Beyond the most notable items we’ve highlighted, there are plenty more enhancements and bug fixes. Additional details can be found in the release notes below, covering all minor and patch releases from v1.5.0 to v1.6.1.

Nuclearn Platform Release Detailed Notes


Upgraded MRE to v0.5.1

Upgraded frontend to v0.4.1


Updated frontend to v0.4.0

Updated MRE to v0.5.0


Patched various security vulnerabilities, including:


Updated MRE to v0.4.5


Updated frontend to v0.3.1

  1. PREVIEW: Added ability to view and override scored predictions
    • Navigate to override page by clicking on a record in the dataset viewer
    • Users can view any predictions for any model a source data record has been scored on
    • Users can override any prediction confidence with a value between 0 and 1
    • Users can set all non-overridden values for a record to 0 confidence by using the “Set Remaining to No” button
  2. Application authentication enhancements
    • Added ability for admins to manually update “email_validated” for users on the user page
    • Added ability for admins to generate a password reset link on the user page
  3. Filters added to dataset view
    • Users can now filter the records being viewed in the dataset viewer by filtering on any column
    • Multiple filter conditions can be added
    • Updated node.js to LTS version 16.18

Updated MRE to v0.4.4

Updated Nuclearn PlatformReleases

Updated Dependencies


Updated MRE to v0.4.2


Updated MRE to v0.4.1


Updated Frontend to v0.3.0

Update MRE to v0.4.1


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