Project Genius

Detect and analyze previously unknown project critical path impacts.

Using your site’s P6 data, model how long your projects and outages are expected to take...along with what activities are most important in extending or shortening up your schedule durations.


Manage Critical Path Impacts

Assign resources to the most impactful activities to ensure critical path stability.

Simplify Resource Planning

Allows you to delay inbound resources. Bring people in late for their shifts or free up resources (send people home early) based on predicted activity length and start/finish time.

Customized Simulations

Your data (P6 exports) are the key component for generating accurate customized data models and simulations.

Actionable Visualizations

Gain a historical perspective of your schedule performance. Compare it to simulations of targeted baseline, actual schedule and predicted schedule models.


Outage completed ahead of schedule

Outage Manger, U.S. nuclear facility

"Using 10 years of data, we were able to identify a little-known activity that impacted our critical path 90% of the time."



Is the NuclearN Platform export compliant?

Yes, all NuclearN products have always complied with 10 CFR Part 810.

Do NuclearN products have reporting functionality?

Yes, NuclearN has reporting functionality. For certain use cases, Nuclearn can generate reports based on your data in MS Word or PDF formats. For all other use cases, NuclearN seamlessly connects to PowerBI for full reporting capabilities.

Can all NuclearN products be deployed on a cloud service or on premises?

All NuclearN software can be run either on premises, on customer private cloud, or hosted by NuclearN on NuclearN’s Government Cloud (GovCloud) environment.

Do NuclearN products integrate with PowerBI?

Yes, NuclearN seamlessly integrates with PowerBI. You can connect to PowerBI with the NuclearN Platform data APIs. This ensures you can always get your data out of NuclearN and report on that data in virtually unlimited ways via PowerBI.